Best Under Counter Microwave Reviews

under counter microwave

House holds all across the nation need a number of appliances. While some consumers like cooking their foods in an oven, others don’t have the time to bake. It is simply too time consuming and an alternative is readily available.

If you’re interested in enjoying hot foods and don’t want to spend thirty to forty minutes over the stove, you can opt for a microwave! Of course, any old microwave won’t do. Instead, you’ll want to invest in a much cooler under counter microwave. This item will be explored in greater depth below.


The Purpose

First and foremost, you should take the time to learn about the various uses of an under counter microwave. At first glance, you will see that the item serves the same purpose of the others. It is specifically designed to warm up your foods and can provide you with a delicious hot meal. When compared to ovens, the microwave delivers an effortless, but equally scrumptious, meal. Of course, under counter varieties are significantly different.

The Differentials

When attempting to determine whether or not an under the cabinet microwave is right for your situation, you should get to know the differences. Again, the item is more than capable of serving the same purposes as the others, but it’ll do so in a unique manner. Below, you’ll find a list of the differences.

  • These models will not clog up your counter space
  • They can be installed under your counter or under your cabinet
  • They’re usually more compact than the other models

These differences provide the consumer with a handful of benefits.

Benefits of The Under The Counter Microwave

When it comes down to it, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by making the transition to this type of microwave. The best aspect of all is that these benefits come, without any type of loss. Below, you will be able to discover the benefits of these varieties.

  • You’ll be able to maintain more counter space
  • No trip hazards will be present
  • The item will look better, when positioned in place
  • Your kitchen’s design and aesthetics will be enhanced
  • You will still be able to enjoy your favorite microwaved foods

There are also a few specialty benefits. For instance, you may plan on selling your home sometime in the near future. If this is the case, you will want to do your best to make your home appealing. Under the counter appliances can definitely help to do that! They’re incredibly attractive and will help to keep your kitchen much more organized. Potential homebuyers will definitely find this compelling and will be more inclined to make the purchase.

Who Should Buy?

When exploring these appliances, you will find that a lot of consumers can benefit from the purchase. Those who want to keep everything organized should make the switch. Those living in small dwellings should also consider making the purchase, as it’ll help to keep their kitchen unclogged.

Now that you’ve made it this far, it is time to begin familiarizing yourself with some of the best under the counter microwaves. Below, you will find a breakdown of the top three.

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1: Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer
  • 1.1: Specifications
  • 1.2: Pros
  • 1.3: Cons
  • 1.4: Overall Assessment
2: Sharp KB-6524PS 24 Inch Microwave Drawer or Under the counter Microwave
3: Dacor 30-Inch Drawer Stainless Steel Microwave MMD30S
4: What To Look For In An Under the cabinet Microwave

Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer


Sharp under counter microwave

If you’re looking for an exceptional undercounter microwave, you should definitely look at the models offers by Sharp. This company has been around for an extensive period of time and they specialize in home appliances. Although a lot of their products have been well received, their under counter microwaves are undoubtedly some of the best on the market! They’re specifically designed to perfectly fit in a small cubbyhole. Below, you will learn more about this product.


Before going any further, it is absolutely essential to explore the item’s specifications. First and foremost, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the microwave’s size and weight. The item measures in at 26.2 by 23.9 by 15.4 inches. It is designed to easily slide into your counter’s vacant cubbyhole. Of course, the item weighs in at 74 pounds, so you will need a helping hand getting it put in place.

The exterior of the microwave is definitely appealing. It is finished with stainless steel, which isn’t just attractive, it also delivers effortless maintenance. If the exterior face gets dirty, you will be able to clean it fairly easily with a little soap and water. Also, the stainless steel will never rust, so the unit will always maintain its beauty.

The microwave is equipped with front-mounted touch controls. The included interior light can illuminate the interior of the unit, so it can be used at anytime during the day or night. Also, the unit is equipped with a digital LCD display. This screen will tell you exactly how long it’ll take for your food to be finished.

One of the coolest aspects of all is the unit’s motor actuated open and close feature. As far as the capacity goes, this unit is capable of holding a 4-quart casserole dish and can even hold 20-ounce beverages. This guarantees that you can use it for various purposes.


When it comes down to it, this under the counter microwave is incredibly beneficial and is well worth its price tag. For your consideration, the most notable pros have been listed below.

  • Capable of holding and warming a significant amount of food
  • 1.2 cubic feet capacity
  • Comes with an automatic defrost, as well as a clock
  • Comes with 5-year warranty on the magnetron tube and parts only
  • Also offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, with in-home service
  • Built-in ready for easy placement under your counter
  • Comes with a digital LCD display and interior oven light
  • Touch controls for effortless use


Although this specific unit is great, it does have a few potential negatives. First and foremost, you should realize that the item is quite expensive. In fact, it will likely be too expensive for many individuals. At the same time, it is a little heavy. You will need a friend to help you get it positioned perfectly.

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave is an exceptional value, which cannot be ignored. In fact, the item’s current low price at Amazon makes it somewhat of a steal! The combination makes this one of the best microwaves on the market. Be sure to give it more consideration today!


Sharp KB-6524PS 24 Inch Microwave Drawer or Under the counter Microwave


Sharp 24 under counter microwave

Are you tired of that microwave bogging up all of your counter space? If so, it may be time to trade it in for the Sharp KB-6524PS microwave. This oven is designed with the busy parent and entrepreneur in mind, because it offers quick and convenient cooking every single time. The under the cabinet microwave is perfect for individuals that are living in a small condo, apartment, or duplex, as well.


The Sharp microwave has a cooking capacity of 1-1/5 cubic feet, so it will hold a fairly large ham. It offers 11 power levels to select from, which will allow you to customize your meals. The lighted LCD display will allow you to monitor the cooking process from a distance. The digital control panel is very user friendly, thanks to the self-explanatory icons. They are also located on the front of the unit, so you will have easy access to them at all times.

The stainless steel construction is very eye appealing and will definitely allow for easier integration into your pre-existing décor. The Sharp microwave is designed to fit underneath the counter and slide right into the drawer space. The cutout dimensions are 22 1/8 by 23 1/2 by 14 13/16, so be sure to keep this in mind, when purchasing the KB-6524PS.

The auto-defrost feature will definitely come in handy for those nights, when you forget to thaw out the poultry or beef. Just place the frozen meat into the microwave and push the auto-defrost button. You must remember that the weight of the meat will have an impact on how long it takes to defrost.


This is a very desirable microwave, since it will not bog up your counter space. Instead it will be neatly stored away underneath your counter top. The beautiful design and exterior construction will be so eye appealing that everyone will fall in love with the Sharp KB-6524PS.

  • Uses 1,000 watts of power
  • Equipped with lighted LCD display for better clarity and visibility
  • Includes a 1-Year limited warranty in the purchase price
  • Measures in at 26 1/2 by 24 by 15 2/5 inches
  • 1-1/5 cubic feet cooking space
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Integrated with the auto-defrost technology
  • Constructed out of heavy duty stainless steel material, which will not rust or corrode, even after years of use
  • Available in white, black, 24” and 30”


There is one downside to purchasing the Sharp microwave and that is, it’s not equipped with a turntable. Instead it has an internal stirrer that rotates to distribute the energy evenly throughout the interior of the microwave.

Overall Assessment

Overall the Sharp KB-6524PS is considered to be a top-of-the-line appliance. Not only will it be able to endure everyday use, but it will also offer an extended service life. This style and design is becoming extremely popular, because it is extremely compact and will fit underneath the counter top. This will give you additional room for small appliances, while cooking your foods. The item has never been as low priced as it currently is at Amazon! Check it out right now!


Dacor 30-Inch Drawer Stainless Steel Microwave MMD30S


Dacor under counter microwave

If you’re looking for an outstanding microwave, which will perfectly fit underneath your counter, you should definitely check the lineup from Dacor. This company has been in the industry for many years and their primary goal is to deliver excellent household appliances. Although their fridges and other items are great, their microwaves are undoubtedly the best you can find. This is where their MMD30S microwave fits into the picture. What makes this product so great? You will be able to find out below!


When exploring this unique under the cabinet microwave, you will find numerous features that are great. For instance, the unit comes with three sensor-cooking programs for effortless use. It also comes with a reheat mode. The unit is a little heavier than some of the others. It weighs in at 121 pounds, so you will not be able to install the unit, without assistance from a friend.

The overall dimensions of the product are 24.6 by 30 by 15.6 inches. This guarantees that you’ll be able to fit it into your cabinet, without much difficulty or tinkering. The stainless steel exterior finish is also thoroughly impressive. The appearance is very appealing and the stainless steel material will help to make it effortless to clean. A little soap and water can get the job done and you won’t need to scrub too aggressively to get the exterior cleaned.


There are numerous pros associated with this specific microwave. These will be listed below.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Offers a control lock, reheat mode and three sensor cooking programs
  • Provide 1 cubic foot of cooking space
  • Perfectly designed to fit into your drawer or under your counter
  • Very nice design and will add to your kitchen’s appearance
  • Easy to maintenance


The pros associated with this product definitely outweigh the cons. However, these potential cons still need to be noted. First, you should know that the product is a little costly. Also, its capacity is slightly limited, when compared to the others on the list.

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Dacor MMD30S is a great product and an excellent overall value. When looking for the product’s most affordable price, you should look no further than Amazon. Check it out for yourself right now!


What To Look For In An Under the cabinet Microwave


Nice under counter microwave

Shopping for an under the cabinet microwave can definitely become very drawn out, especially if you are unfamiliar with the appliance. The first thing that you should do is educate yourself on the inner components, cooking features, display, timer, and turntable. This information will definitely turn that grueling shopping experience into an enjoyable shopping expedition. Below you will discover what to look for in an under the cabinet microwave.

Turntable :-Most microwaves are equipped with a turntable, which holds a microwavable plate. The food is placed in the center of the plate, so the turntable will rotate around and around. This allows the heat and energy to be distributed throughout the microwave oven, so the results are evenly cooked foods.

Internal Stirrer :- If the microwave does not have a turntable, it will have the next best thing, which is an internal stirrer. Of course, you cannot stand back and watch the stirrer turn, since it is embedded into the inside of the top panel. This basically performs the same function, as the turntable, but many seem to think that it does not perform, as well.

Price :- The first thing that you will need to do when shopping for a microwave is to devise a budget. While you will find a large variety of microwaves available on today’s market, many of them will come with an expensive price tag. Just because a microwave has a high price tag does not make it more efficient or better than a lower priced oven. As a matter of fact, you may find the lower price more suitable for your needs, since it does not offer too many cooking options.

Warranty :- A microwave is just like any other product, which means it can be faulty from the get-go. The purchase price should include a suitable warranty of around 1-Year. This manufacturer’s warranty should include mechanical, electronic, digital parts and labor. Some microwaves will come with a warranty option, which you should definitely consider purchasing, since it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Cooking Capacity :-The cooking capacity will definitely play a huge factor in your selection and the purchase price. If you plan on cooking for a large family during the holiday seasons, you will definitely want to purchase a microwave with a 1.5 cubic foot interior. This will allot enough space for a large ham or turkey.

Control Panel :-Not only is the size of the control panel important, but how it functions is also extremely important. Convenience plays a huge role in everyone’s life, which is why they prefer to cook with a microwave over the traditional oven. The control panel should have a digital, auto-touch design, so all you have to do is push a button and the microwave will start cooking your food.

A LED display will also allow you to monitor the cooking process from a distance and the clock will be visible at all times.


A microwave is definitely a more convenient cooking appliance option, because it is capable of cooking foods evenly and thoroughly, in a much quicker manner.If you need more info, read some real customer reviews. For even more detailed information click here to get our under counter appliance buying guide.