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Under Counter Kegerator

Do you consider yourself to be a fun individual, who likes having a drink from time to time? Do you frequently host parties at your home or commercial establishment? If you fit into this category, you should understand how important it is to keep your guests entertained. Although entertainment is important, a party isn’t a party, without a little beer.

Depending on the size and scope of your get together, you may want to opt for a keg. Of course, keeping the beer cold requires a kegerator. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know to purchase the best under counter kegerator for your particular situation.


Benefits of an Under Cabinet Kegerator

If you’re interested in purchasing a kegerator, you have one goal in mind. You want to be able to keep your beer cold, at all times. Although it is possible to do this in a regular refrigerator, a kegerator has a handful of benefits, which aren’t available elsewhere. This appliance is specifically designed for this purpose, so it will perfectly fit the keg. At the same time, this item can be stored underneath your cabinet or under your counter. This will help to guarantee that it is kept out of your way.

The majority of kegerators is also equipped with a dispenser handle. Once the keg has been perfectly secured in place, you will be able to pull the handle and dispense your beer. This will make your life so much easier and will help to fill up the cups of your guests much quicker. Finally, this item can be used to beautify your home and increase its overall value. If you’ve got a vacant cubbyhole, you will definitely want it filled and this appliance can do just that!

Who Should Buy An Under Counter Kegerator?

Some groups of people will agree that an under the counter kegerator could enhance their life to some degree. Those that host a lot of parties will definitely want to contemplate the purchase. The appliance will help to enhance the party, by ensuring that everyone attending is blessed with cold, fresh brew. At the same time, the appliance will give your guests an easy way to access the beer, without making a mess.

Of course, homeowners and college kids aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this item. Commercial establishments, which wish to sell alcohol, will need to devise a way to keep their brew chilled. A kegerator can serve this purpose perfectly. Not only will the item provide you with cold alcohol, but also it’ll help to make your employee’s job a little easier. Instead of trying to pour beer into a cup, they’ll be able to pull the handle and dispense the beer.

Now that you’ve confirmed you can benefit from a kegerator, it is time to learn about your options. Below, you will find a breakdown of the top three under counter kegerators on the market.

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1: Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser
  • 1.1: Specifications
  • 1.2: Pros
  • 1.3: Cons
  • 1.4: Overall Assessment
2: EdgeStar Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser
3: Summit SBC635MOSDPLTWIN Kegerator
4: What To Look For In an Under Counter Kegerator

Avanti 1.7 Cubic Foot Kegerator


Avanti Under Counter Kegerator

When planning to equip yourself with an awesome kegerator, you should look no further than the Avanti Company! This company specifically specializes in appliances, which are designed for apartment dwellers. This guarantees that their products are compact and designed for under-the-counter appliances. Their incredibly affordable and immaculate 1.7-cubic foot beer dispenser cannot be ignored. It will be explored in greater detail below.


First and foremost, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with this kegerator’s specifications. With a quick glance, you will see that the item is available in two unique styles, including black and platinum, as well as silver. This is one of the most compact appliances of its kind. It measures in at 22.2 by 17 by 20 inches and weighs just 39 pounds. This combination makes the item perfect for under the counter and under the cabinet purposes.

This specific unit is capable of holding two kegs. The system can dispense 5-liter kegs, which should be enough for small parties. It comes with an adjustable CO2 regulator for added flexibility. This specific feature is capable of perfectly maintaining a consistent pressure on the keg. It’ll also help to maintain the beer freshness. Once placed inside of the kegerator, a compressor will cool your keg.

Although the interior offers enough space for two 5-liter kegs, it is only capable of dispensing beer from one keg, at a time. This still shouldn’t be too big of a problem, since switching from one keg to the next won’t take more than aa coupleof minutes. The front of the unit has a control panel, which offers an array of settings. You can switch on the interior light from here and can also make adjustments to the temperature with the push of a button. The LCD display will keep you aware of the appliance’s temperature, at all times.


When looking at the Avanti 1.7 Cubic Foot Kegerator, as a whole, you will see that the item is immensely beneficial. It offers many pros and these undeniably exceed the item’s cons. For your consideration, the pros will be listed below.

  • Very affordable and realistic for everyone
  • Capable of accommodating 5 liter kegs
  • Incredibly compact and can be used under your cabinet or counter
  • Utilizes a compressor to keep your alcohol significantly cold, at all times
  • Capable of holding two kegs
  • Comes with an adjustable CO2 regulator
  • Available in two color schemes and both are incredibly stylish
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty and a 5-year warranty on the compressor


Although this appliance is beneficial, as a whole, it does have a few notable cons. First and foremost, it is only capable of accommodating 5-liter kegs, which may be a problem for some consumers. At the same time, the item can only dispense a single keg, at a time. Still, the appliance does a brilliant job and is capable of serving its intended purpose excellently, so you shouldn’t rule it out.

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Kegerator is a great overall value. When you consider the appliance’s incredibly low price at Amazon, you will agree that this one is immensely difficult to ignore! Check it out for yourself today!


EdgeStar Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser


edgestar Under the Counter Kegerator

If you like to enjoy parties and fresh beer, you should definitely consider purchasing a kegerator. While there are many different brands available on today’s market, each one will offer a variance of benefits. The first thing that you should do is take a complete measurement of the storage space. This will help you find the perfect sized kegerator, so that you will not need to make any physical alterations to your kitchen cabinets or counter tops.


The EdgeStarmini kegerator is perfect for individuals that like to entertain a small group of guests and reside in a small duplex or condo. Do not be fooled by the compact size of this kegerator, because it is capable of providing the same benefits, as a full-size. The EdgeStar is capable of holding a mini 5-liter pressurized or non-pressurized keg, but additional accessories are required with the non-pressurized keg.

The EdgeStar is equipped with an air circulation system that operates via an internal fan force. The Peltier thermoelectric cooling system will keep the keg cold, until you are ready to enjoy. This is a vibration-free system, which will allow the kegerator to operate quietly.

This is a very lightweight appliance that can be transported from place with ease. It operates on 110 AC voltages, but it is also DC compatible and the DC adapter is included in the purchase price. This will allow you to take the EdgeStar on camping and hiking trips, since you can plug the DC adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

This is a modifiable kegerator, because it can be transformed into a tap, so you can utilize it to serve your guests. The EdgeStar is a very eye-appealing appliance that will be a great addition to your kitchen. The kegerator is equipped with a pull down handle for conveniently filling glasses.

The drip pan is suitable for holding a large beer bug and it is removable, so you can empty the excess liquids in the sink. The LED light displays the keg temperature and it is even visible from a short distance away. You can manual temperature adjustments and turn it on/off right from the front panel.


  • Capable of holding 5 liter kegs
  • Taps and dispenses cold ale or beer
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the DC adapter
  • Capable of maintaining a temperature range of 38-54 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cleaning kit included in purchase price
  • Very compact design and will not require a lot of storage space


Although the EdgeStar kegerator is compatible with non-pressurized kegs, you must purchase an addition accessory kit. The tap is also constructed out of heavy duty plastic, which will not offer the same durability as stainless steel.

Overall Assessment

If you are searching for a mini kegerator that is very lightweight, portable, and affordable, you should definitely consider the EdgeStar. It is designed to cool, tap, and dispenses any 5-liter mini keg of ale or beer. The item has never been more affordable than it currently is at Amazon!


Summit SBC635MOSDPLTWIN Kegerator


summit Under Counter Kegerator

When exploring kegerators, you will instantly recognize that some offer more benefits than others. There are few that are capable of providing you with the same versatility and flexibility as the Summit SBC635MOSDPLTWIN. This kegerator is stylish and is topped off with a diamond plate door finish. It is very compact and can be used for a diverse set of purposes. Is it the right one for your particular situation? You will be able to find out, by reading the information below.


When taking a glance at this kegerator from Summit, you will instantly recognize that it is built to last. The industrial style finish is not only cool and modern, but also, it is capable of taking a beating, without showing it. It can fit almost any environment, without becoming an eyesore. This kegerator is capable of being used in various settings. It can be used in a built-in or freestanding manner and is designed for under counter applications.

The system comes with everything you need and you’ll be able to start using it, as soon as it arrives. The complete tap kit gives you the ability to serve two brews, at once. For added peace of mind, this kegerator has managed to meet all of the UL Commercial Standard 471 safety guidelines. If you’re looking for a hand-free maintenance experience, this kegerator is definitely a must! It comes with an automatic defrost mechanism, which makes the owner’s life easier.

The interior offers a storage space of 5.6 cubic feet. The unit also comes with an adjustable digital thermostat. This gives you effortless control over the temperature of your brew. The external digital display will make you aware of the current temperature, so you can make adjustments as necessary. The unit is capable of accommodating a full half-barrel keg or 2 1/6 barrels.


All in all, there is a lot to like about this particular unit. The item’s most notable pros will be listed below.

  • A very diverse kegerator, which can easily fit underneath your counter
  • Meets the UL Commercial Standard 471 for added peace of mind
  • Comes with an automatic defrost features
  • Allows you to serve two beers, at once
  • Industrial style is very cool and incredibly durable
  • Offers 5.6 cubic feet of storage space
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Can hold a full half-barrel keg or 2 1/6 barrels
  • Adjustable thermostat and digital display


Although this unit has an enormous amount of benefits, it does have one major con. Many people will look at the price tag and immediately rule it out. The product is definitely worth its slightly higher price tag and ruling it out based on this figure alone is unwise.

Overall Assessment

There are many awesome kegerators, but few of them can parallel the beauty and performance delivered by the Summit SBC635MOSDPLTWIN. It is very impressive and can be used under your counter, if desired. It has never been more affordable than it currently is at Amazon!


What To Look For In an Under Counter Kegerator

When attempting to purchase a kegerator, there will be innumerable options available to you. This can make the purchase a little more complicated. Therefore, you will need to wade through the variables and make a more informed decision. What factors are important? You will be able to find out below.

Price :– First, you should take the time to examine the item’s price. The prices of these appliances vary wildly and the most expensive models aren’t always the best. With this in mind, you should look at other factors and refuse to be led astray by a low price.

Capacity :– Capacity is incredibly important. How many kegs do you want to be able to keep chilled, at once? For commercial establishments and big parties, two kegs will be needed. Therefore, you should opt for a kegerator with a bigger capacity. If you’re going to be drinking alone, this factor won’t matter so greatly.

Taps :– There are some under cabinet kegerators that are capable of accommodating two kegs in its storage, but can only tap one at a time. Will the appliance be used in an environment, where you need both kegs to be tapped? Be sure to choose a system, which perfectly suits the purposes that it will serve.

Thermostat and Digital Display :– When selecting a kegerator, you should go above and beyond to find one that comes with an adjustable thermostat. This feature is incredibly important and will help to ensure that your alcohol is chilled to perfection, based on your personal preference. At the same time, a digital display can help. Finding a unit with both is recommended.

Size And Space :– Next, you will want to consider the amount of space you wish to fill. If you want to place the appliance underneath your cabinet, you will need to make sure that it fits the space perfectly. You’ll need to grab a tape measure and you’ll need to obtain accurate figures. Doing so will guarantee that your cubbyhole is perfectly filled.

Interior Light :– An interior light might not be a major addition, but it is one that will prove to be helpful over time. If you plan on using the item at night, you will definitely want to select one with this feature, as it’ll make nighttime use easier.

Warranty :– Finally, you should always put a great deal of effort into finding a kegerator with a lengthy warranty. A lengthier warranty is always recommended, even if you’re required to spend a little extra for it. Remember that the majority of manufacturers offer a warranty for the unit, as well as the compressor.


At the end of the day, frequent beer drinks can benefit tremendously from one of these appliances. If you want a steady flow of cold beer, you’re going to want to invest in a good kegerator!

Be sure to use the information provided to you above and maybe read some customer reviews. For even more detailed information click here to get our under counter appliance buying guide.