Best Under Counter Fridge Reviews

under the counter fridge

Every household in the world needs a good refrigerator. The old days of burying your food and covering it with ice have long passed. Now, it is essential to find a reliable refrigerator. Of course, reliability isn’t the only factor to consider. It is also imperative to consider the size, style and capacity of the fridge.

These factors become even more important, if you live in a small dwelling. This further complicates the matter and puts more responsibility onto the consumer. Thankfully, an under cabinet fridge can help. More details will be provided below.

Examining The Under The Counter Fridge

At this point, everyone should be well familiar with the refrigerator and its intended purpose. Still, there are some latestmodels that many people aren’t aware of. This is true, when it comes to the under counter models. Although they serve the same purpose, they do so in a unique manner. They’re more compact, less heavy and generally more inexpensive.

These benefits will make this variety more compelling for many individuals, especially for those that live in small apartments or temporary housing.

Enormous Benefits

When purchasing a fridge for your home, it would be a major mistake to ignore the under the counter fridge. With the best under counter refrigerator, you will benefit exponentially. For your consideration and convenience, the benefits will be listed below.

  • More compact and can fit into smaller dwellings
  • Doesn’t clog up your kitchen’s walkway
  • Much less bulky and heavy for easier transportability
  • Doesn’t protrude out from the counter and doesn’t create a trip hazard
  • Can still hold a reasonable amount of foods and drinks

All in all, this type of refrigerator is capable of serving the same purpose, as its bigger alternative. However, it is much smaller and will generally hold less food. This may present a concern for some, but it will prove to be a godsend for others.

Who Should Buy?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with these items a little more, it is essential to figure out, whether or not it is right for your particular needs. Some dwellings will actually require this type of fridge and will not be able accommodate the bigger models. For instance, if you live in a tiny apartment or currently reside in a dorm, this type of fridge will definitely better serve you. Of course, these aren’t the only circumstances, which call for a more compact and lighter weight appliance.

Some individuals already own a refrigerator, but they’re looking for an additional one, which can be used outside. It would be pointless to spend thousands of dollars for a massive fridge just to use it outdoors. Instead, you should opt for the smaller alternative. It’ll give you plenty of space to store your foods and beverages and will be much less costly.

All in all, there are various reasons to purchase one of the cool under counter fridges.Below, you will find three of the best fridges on the market.

Summit Commercial 5.5 Cubic Feet Undercounter Refrigerator


summit commercial under the counter fridge

If you’re looking for a compact, affordable and very stylish fridge, you should look no further than the Summit Commercial. This company manufactures a handful of under counter appliances and this fridge is undoubtedly one of their best. First and foremost, the item is available in three unique color schemes, including stainless steel, white and black. This guarantees that your choice will perfectly fit your home’s interior design and won’t transform into an eyesore. Below, you will find the awesome features associated with this fridge.


Each individual installation requires a unique fridge. The Summit offers an immense amount of flexibility thanks to the customizable color options. This helps to ensure that it will fit into your preexisting décor and large appliances. The appliance is also considered to be an energy saving fridge. This will help to guarantee that the fridge uses much less energy than its bigger competitors. When looking at the product from this standpoint, you can see that it will actually save the consumer money over a period of time.

The fridge is capable of holding 5.5 cubic feet of foods and drinks. This should be more than sufficient for apartment dwellers and single individuals. The refrigerator is free standing, so the installation and setup process is tremendously easier. The overall dimensions of the product are 27.5 by 27.6 by 37.1. The horizontal handle definitely adds glamour to the refrigerator’s overall appearance and will look beautiful under your counter.
The Summit Commercial is equipped with an automatic defrost feature, which is a huge plus and you will never have to concern yourself with those grueling defrosting tasks. The included trays are 19.5 by 16 inches, which offer plenty of space for your food.


All in all, there are many beneficial features associated with this item. It is lightweight, compact and serves its job tremendously well. More of these will be provided below.

  • Equipped with the automatic defrost feature for easy cleanup
  • Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel material
  • Saves energy and is very quiet
  • Designed with glass shelving for additional storage
  • Consumer can adjust the temperature using the adjustable thermostat
  • Capable of holding 5.5 cubic feet
  • Freestanding set up offers ease of use and no installation process

Although this is a commercial refrigerator, you can still use it for residential use, as well. The Summit undercounter refrigerator is a high-quality appliance that will offer a long service life.


Despite the abundance of benefits above, there is still one minor con associated with this fridge. The fridge does not come with reversible door, which means you may possibly have to make some adjustments to the storage space. This still might not be a major problem and shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the Summit Commercial, it is undoubtedly one of the best under the counter fridges on the market. It is reliable, compact and will serve you for many years to come. In actuality, it is hard to ignore this fridge! Be sure to check it out in more depth today.


EdgeStar Compact Refrigerator With Lock


edgestar under the counter fridge

If you are searching for a compact refrigerator that will fit underneath your kitchen cabinet, there will be many factors to consider. The overall size will be very important, so be sure to take the time to do some measuring, before you actually make your final selection. While most under cabinet refrigerators are freestanding, you will occasionally find the wall mountable style and this is something else that you will need to factor into the equation.


The EdgeStar is a verypopular undercounter refrigerator for many reasons. The stainless steel construction will look absolutely beautiful in your kitchen and even more so, if your oven and microwave is constructed out of the same material.

The refrigerator comes as-is, which means there is no assembly required. This is a freestanding appliance, so there will be no installation process required either. Just plug the electrical cable into the nearby outlet and then place the refrigerator underneath the cabinet. It is that simple and will be able to start enjoying the benefits almost instantly.

he EdgeStar is equipped with reversible doors, so you switch them from side to side. This is an exceptional option for left handed individuals and also for tight spaces that will not allow the doors to open on one specific side. Make sure that you look for this feature, when you are shopping for an undercounter refrigerator, if you reside in tight quarters.

With 1.1 cubic foot of storage capacity, you will be able to pack the refrigerator and freezer full of frozen/non-frozen foods and beverages. This storage capacity is fairly normal, when compared to other brands. Still, it should be sufficient for the majority of individuals.

This fridge comes with its own lock, which can be handy for some situations. It is also equipped with its own temperature control, which allows it to convert from a compact freezer to a fridge almost instantly. The unit is also incredibly energy efficient and won’t cost much to run throughout the year. The overall size of the appliance is 19 and 3/8 by 18 9/16 by 17 ¾. This guarantees that it’ll fit almost any cubbyhole you can imagine.


There is not enough that can be said about the EdgeStar under counter refrigerator, but one thing is for sure, it is a high-quality appliance for those that reside in confined living spaces.

All in all, there are many beneficial features associated with this item. It is lightweight, compact and serves its job tremendously well. More of these will be provided below.

  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat and temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees F
  • Uses just 272 kWh/year to help you save money
  • Equipped with its own lock
  • Incredibly compact at just 19 3/8 by 18 9/16 by 17 ¾
  • Very nice stainless steel design will look great anywhere
  • Door is completely reversible
  • Includes 1 wire shelf for better organization


If you are searching for a high-quality under counter refrigerator, you should definitely keep the EdgeStar on your list of prospects. It is very affordable and will offer you many years of service. Due to its low price on Amazon, this fridge cannot be ignored!

The EdgeStar does come with one downside and that is the freezer compartment is not integrated with the automatic defrost feature. This means that you will be forced to spend 30-60 minutes defrosting it on a routine basis.

Overall Assessment

If you are searching for a high-quality undercounter refrigerator, you should definitely keep the EdgeStar on your list of prospects. It is very affordable and will offer you many years of service. Due to its low price on Amazon, this fridge cannot be ignored!


RCA-IGLOO RFR115-160 1.6 Cubic Foot Fridge


rca-igloo under counter fridge

RCA is a reputable company, which is known for their high-quality products. Of course, the majority of consumers don’t associate the company with refrigerators. Well, that is all about to change. The company’s RCA-IGLOO is a great addition to the world of under counter appliances. This particular under counter fridge is cool, compact and very stylish. It also offers plenty of space for all of your foods and beverages. The features, pros and cons associated with this product will be provided below in more depth.


When taking the time to explore the various under counter refrigerators, you will want to look at the item’s specifications. These figures are imperative and will help you make a more informed choice. The RCA-IGLOO is available in an assortment of different colors, including blue, green, black and even orange. This gives the consumer plenty of options to play around with and helps to guarantee that their choice suits their home’s interior design.

The door is reversible, which offers even more versatility. If you need the door to open on the left, you can and vice versa. The switch can easily be made using a minute amount of tools. The fridge comes with a door basket, which is capable of accommodating 2 liter bottles and also includes an ice cube chamber. All in all, it is capable of holding 1.6 cubic feet of capacity.

The fridge also comes with an adjustable thermostat. This allows you to specifically set a temperature, which will perfectly suit your desires. The compressor is powerful enough to keep your drinks cold throughout the summer and winter. The back of the unit is completely flush, which will help to save a significant amount of space. The unit weighs just 35.6 pounds, so you should be able to get it installed and sorted away, without much difficulty.


The RCA-IGLOO RFR115-160 is a great fridge, which offers many advantageous features. These will be listed below.

All in all, there are many beneficial features associated with this item. It is lightweight, compact and serves its job tremendously well. More of these will be provided below.

    • Very compact, lightweight and affordable
    • Capable of holding 1.6 cubic feet of food
    • Door hinges are reversible
    • Available in various colors
    • Can hold around 25 soda cans
    • Also comes with a freezer
    • Helps to save energy
    • Adjustable thermostat offers flexibility

The RCA IGLOO is very stylish, compact and won’t break the bank. Still, it is not entirely flawless.


Although this fridge is great for various purposes, it does have a few minor flaws. First and foremost, the unit’s freezer compartment isn’t up to par and won’t be able to sustain ice cream. On the other hand, the unit is a little bit noisy. This can present a problem for some consumers, but shouldn’t be a deal breaker for others.

Overall Assessment

When exploring the RCA-IGLOO as a whole, the consumer will find it very advantageous. Although it does have a few cons, they’re not major problems and shouldn’t cloud your judgment. The fridge is a great overall value and will provide you with cool foods and drinks for many years to come.


Things To Look For In An Under Cabinet Fridge

When purchasing one of these appliances, you should never rush the process. Doing so will likely result in future complications. Therefore, you should take your time, examine your situation and evaluate your options. Below, you will find a list of things that need to be considered.

Budget and Price :–It would be silly to think about purchasing anything, without contemplating the price. This is true, whether or not you consider yourself to be a penny pincher. The good news is that the majority of these refrigerators will be very affordable, but the prices can vary from model to model. Sit down and formulate a budget, before moving forward and you’ll be all right in this area.

Space and Size :– Next, you will want to consider the size of the fridge and how much space is vacant. In all likelihood, you will want the fridge to perfectly fill its cubbyhole, with no space left on the sides. Grab your tape measurer, because you’ll need to get some accurate measurements. Once you’ve figured out precisely how much space you need to fill, you’ll be able to choose an appliance, which will fit it snuggly.

Capacity :–Although the exterior size of the fridge is important, the interior space should not be ignored. How much do you plan on storing inside? Make sure you choose a refrigerator, which is capable of holding all of your foods and drinks, or they’ll end up spoiling.

Built-In :–Thermostat –Some individuals prefer their sodas to be cold as ice, while others like theirs barely chilled. This is why a built-in thermostat is imperative. The item will give you the ability to adjust the temperature to fit your particular specifications and desires.

Freezer Compartment :–Do you desire to store frozen foods and ice cream in your compact fridge? If so, you will want to choose a fridge with a freezer compartment. It is also helpful to choose one that has an automatic defrost.

Warranty :–At the same time, you will want to guarantee that your fridge is going to serve you for many years. Although these appliances are built to last, things can go wrong and you will want to better protect your investment. A warranty is pertinent in this regard. Spending a little extra for an extended warranty is highly recommended.


Remember to take your time, do your research and consider all of your options. Doing so will help to guarantee that you make the best decision possible for your money!

Use the information to guide you in the right direction and more details and customer reviews you can find right here. or if you are not ready to choose yet, Get our under counter appliance buying guide.