Hello everyone and welcome to our website.
Under counter appliance expertMy name is Raymond Jacobs and I am your guy to ask questions about under the counter kitchen appliances and hey why not almost anything about constructing or remodeling your kitchen, man cave, wet bar, etc.

You might be wondering how an “old” fart like me have a website, right? Well, blame it on my youngsters, they are the brain of this website and I’m the man for the re-modelling and the appliances, though the older ones are in the handyman business as well and Rick (my youngest one) is the geek behind the website.
Rick got us started and after all, this kind of made sense and it’s a natural match for all of us to share our knowledge and maybe even make some retirement money for me and the Mrs. wink wink.

You might have read from the homepage, I have been in the handyman business for a long time, all together almost 40 years, and for some reason, the past 22 years I mostly remodeled and constructed kitchens, man caves, wet bars, outdoor kitchens, etc., so I consider myself as a knowledgeable person in this field.

My job has given me a lot of behind-the-scenes experience and information and now I would like to share this experience with you all and at the same time make sure my knowledge is transferred to next generation.

I shared this, so that you can better understand me and the background of this website.

I have asked my youngsters and their engineer buddies as well as some of my trusted friends who have technical background to help us with all the areas of this website, so we can make sure, we do our best to give you educated information for each and every aspect of what we might come across.

OK, so, that’s enough of us, this website is Your one-stop shop to get recommendations for under counter appliances and who knows if everything goes well, we will improve this website as we go and maybe in the future we will also cover more man cave related items, game rooms, wet bars, basement/garage man caves, outdoor kitchens and A/V systems. We’ll see how this goes and it all depends on you guys, we really hope we can help You and that You find our website beneficial. If you have any suggestions, please contact us, we are always open to hear  our readers ideas.

Any questions, we try to answer them all, but depending on the amount of questions, it might take some time to get them all answered.