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Introduction To Under Counter Appliances

Under counter appliances

Throughout the years, everything has changed, as technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. This has brought about a new interior design possibility. In the past, consumers were forced to make room for their appliances and this meant leaving nothing overhead. Now, this is no longer a complication. Consumers can easily sneak a refrigerator or wine cooler underneath the counter or shelves. This can be easily done with any of the under counter appliances you will see on our website.

Compact kitchen appliances are quickly becoming the norm, because they do not limit the consumer’s imagination when designing a perfect kitchen, wet bar or that dream man cave.

How are the under counter kitchen appliances different and what are their benefits? Within this guide and the each product pages, we will tell you all about these!

Differences Between Standard And Under Counter Appliances

First and foremost, it is absolutely essential to familiarize yourself with the differences between the under counter and the “standard” appliances. Obviously one item fits underneath your counter, while the other one will not. Of course, the differences are larger than that.

Read more about the differences below.

  • Compact kitchen appliances vent in general from the front of the appliance, so you will not need space around the back or the sides
  • Under counter appliances are generally more compact
  • They’re lighter in weight
  • Some are built with a mounting hardware
  • They can hide underneath your cabinet or counter

Initially, these differences might not seem paramount, but they are truly enormous. They’ll give you as the consumer more convenience, freedom in your designs and a little more safety.

A Unique Installation Process

You should realize that these appliances are unique in a handful of ways. Depending on your selection, you will likely be presented with a unique installation process, when compared that of traditional units. Some of these devices need to be installed underneath a counter, so the installation can be complicated to some degree. You’ll also need to perform several measurements, before making your choice. Make sure that your under counter appliance will perfectly fit the designated space.

Benefits of Under Counter Appliances

Under counter vegetable drawers

As mentioned above, this style of appliances are gaining rapidly in popularity. This is no coincidence. These items provide an abundance of benefits, which just aren’t available elsewhere. For your consideration, the benefits will be listed below.

  • The appliances remain mostly hidden, so they never hinder your home’s aesthetics
  • The items are placed underneath and not out in the way, so they’re never a trip hazard
  • They look incredibly cool and only add to your kitchen’s design
  • They put you at the forefront of something truly amazing and innovative
  • They will add to your home’s overall value

After exploring these benefits, you will immediately want to check out these cool under cabinet appliances. They’re cool, compact and add plenty to your home. Of course, there are still many variables to take into account. What types of items are available in this style? Although many people don’t know, almost all appliances can be found in this type. Of course, more details associated with this subject will be provided below.

A Cost Effective Alternative

Although the benefits above are enormous, they do not end there either. When making a comparison of the traditional models and the compact alternatives, the consumer will find that the latter are mostly less costly. This doesn’t mean that they’re not as effective, because they truly are. However, they are capable of helping the consumer save, which will definitely encourage a lot of consumers to make the purchase.

No More Stubbed Toes

One of the most frustrating experiences in the world is waking up in the middle of the night, going for a drink and stubbing your toe on a piece of furniture or an appliance. You’ll wail in pain and want to slam your fist into your drywall. An under the counter alternative can help to eliminate this problem.

With the compact kitchen appliances, the appliance is completely embedded into the counter. Your toes will remain safe and you’ll be able to wander through your home at night, without concern.

More Portable

One of the biggest benefits of under counter kitchen appliances is their size and weight. As already mentioned, they’re incredibly compact and much lighter in weight. This makes them much more portable and ideal for those that plan on moving in the future.

If you’re a frequent mover or currently reside in temporary housing, the more compact alternative is ideal. It’ll give you the ability to easily pack up your belongings and head on your way. In all likelihood, you’ll still need a helping hand, but the process will be much less complicated overall.

Freestanding Alternatives

When browsing the various under the counter appliances, you will find a handful, which are freestanding. This is a major benefit in and of itself. With a freestanding appliance, you will be able to get it installed in your home much quicker and easier. Instead of attempting to mount the microwave to your shelf, you will be able to easily place it into the designated cubbyhole.

If you’re not a handyman and don’t like working with your hands, you will definitely want to opt for a freestanding appliance! It’ll save you time, energy and help you avoid a headache in the future.

Under counter toaster oven

Clears Off Counter Space

If you’re a tidy individual, who likes to keep your home organized, you understand the importance of keeping your counter space clean and free of clutter. Some of these appliances are capable of helping in this regard. Instead of sitting on your counter top and consuming space, the appliance can easily be hidden underneath your counter. This will guarantee that you have more room to prepare your meals.

Plus, it’ll make you look more organized, when you are entertaining your friends. If you’re an obsessive compulsive individual about your home’s tidiness, an under the counter appliance is highly recommended.

Better Traffic Flow

If you happen to live in a small apartment, you should understand the importance of space. Moving through your kitchen can be tremendously complicated when two or more people are present. Try sticking a protruding refrigerator into the arrangement and it will only get worse. This is why small dwellings call for under the counter appliances. They’ll take up significantly less space and will guarantee that traffic flow remains efficient.




Under counter small refrigerator

Every household needs a number of different appliances and the refrigerator is definitely one of them. The item is absolutely imperative for keeping your foods cool and fresh. Of course, there are many manufacturers of refrigerators and various variables setting them apart. The traditional fridge is fairly large and incredibly expensive. The under the cabinet fridge is significantly different. With under counter fridge, the consumer will be able to neatly tuck the item underneath a shelf or cabinet.

They’re available in a variety of different sizes, including cube, midsize and apartment size.

Some come with icemakers, while others will have a separate freezer portion, which is suitable for all of your frozen foods.

Although under cabinet fridges are suitable for all households, they’re more geared towards dorms, apartments, small dwellings, wet bars, man caves and island coolers. When selecting one of the under counter fridge, you will want to make sure to pay close attention to the appliance’s spaciousness. This will be designated in cubic feet and it’ll help you determine precisely how much you can stuff into the fridge.

When attempting to make your determination, you will need to know exactly what you wish to store inside. From there, you will want to scour through the comprehensive reviews, weighs the pros and cons and make your final decision.


Beverage Refrigerator


Under counter beverage refrigerator

A beverage cooler is very similar to a fridge, but they serve two unique purposes. Whereas a fridge can store and cool almost anything, the beverage cooler’s sole responsibility is keeping your drinks chilled. If you’re looking for an under counter beverage refrigerator, you’re likely dealing with a small amount of space or wish to free up space in your fridge. Both purposes can be fulfilled with this appliance. An under counter beverage center will be incredibly compact, so it can be placed nearly anywhere.

Once you’ve gotten it stored in place, you will be able to use the appliance for one purpose and one purpose alone. The appliance’s interior perfectly fits soda cans. Therefore, you will want to stuff the item full of sodas and maybe even alcoholic beverages.

Appliance’s spaciousness. This will be designated in cubic feet and it’ll help you determine precisely how much you can stuff into the fridge.

When attempting to make your determination, you will need to know exactly what you wish to store inside. From there, you will want to scour through the comprehensive reviews, weighs the pros and cons and make your final decision.

Take note that the undercounter beverage refrigerator is available in an assortment of different styles, including side by side, dual zone, free standing, and outdoor varieties. Each will serve the same purpose, but only onewill fit your needs to perfection.

There are numerous things to take into account, when choosing one of these compact kitchen appliances. The number of cans you wish to store inside and where you desire to place the cooler are vital. Once you’ve figured out these, you will need to read reviews, weigh your options and finally make your mind.


Undercounter Freezer


Under counter freezer

If you are living in a small duplex or condo and desire a freezer for your meats, you should definitely consider an under counter freezer. This compact sized freezer will be perfect for your small living space, since it can be stored underneath any cabinet. Another great benefit that you will receive from the freezer is its ability to hold around 2.1 cubic feet of frozen foods.

Best under counter freezers on today’s market will have an energy star rating, so your energy bill will not soar due to its operation. It is crucial to purchase a free standing freezer that will not require defrosting, since this can be a painstaking task. The automatic defrost feature will keep ice from forming on the interior of the freezer, so you will never have to worry about undertaking this task.

If your condo is equipped with a large sized fridge, you will definitely want to purchase an under counter freezer that will have the same style door and cabinet. You will find an unlimited array of finishes to select from including stainless steel and black or white with platinum. Of course, you can also customize the door, so that it will match your kitchen cabinets.

Another great feature that you should consider is castor wheels. This will offer an easy cleaning option, since all you will need to do is unlock the wheels and then pull the under the counter freezerout from underneath the cabinet. This is definitely more suitable for the housewife, who wants to keep her home spic and span.


Ice Maker


Under counter ice maker

In order to enjoy cool drinks, it is imperative to add ice to your cup, duh. Some refrigerators are equipped with a built-in ice maker, but this isn’t always the case. Using an old ice tray is one way to solve the problem, but it isn’t the most efficient or convenient option to do it. Instead, you should opt for an under counter ice maker! This compact appliance will provide you with an endless amount of ice and an abundance of convenience.

When exploring under counter ice maker, you will find that they’re available in an assortment of different styles and sizes. Some are even portable! Under cabinet ice maker is an excellent choice for anyone, who relocates frequently or plans to do so in the near future. When exploring your options, you will find that each ice maker has its own capacity rating, which is distinguished by a pounds or cubic feet figure. Although a bigger capacity will provide you with more ice, it’ll also make the appliance slightly bigger. Therefore, you should attempt to find a middle ground.

In order for an icemaker to work efficiently, it needs to remain level, at all times. Therefore, you should make sure to choose one of the top rated under counter ice machine, which is equipped with adjustable leveling legs. This will make it effortless to keep the appliance leveled and working efficiently. You should also contemplate the appliance’s opening.

Do you want one that is designed similar to a fridge? Or would you prefer to open the icemaker from the top? Both options are acceptable, so be sure to consider each, before making your final determination. Be sure to scour through our comprehensive reviews, before making your decision.


Wine Coolers


Under counter wine coolers

If you enjoy a good glass of wine, you likely understand the importance of keeping your wine in the right temperature. Wine is so much better, when it’s served at the perfect temperature. In fact, a lot of wine enthusiasts will turn their noses to a “hot” cup of wine. If you fit into this category, you may wish to obtain an under counter wine cooler. This appliance is very similar to a beverage cooler, but it is specifically designed for wine bottles. It is also possible to purchase an under counter wine fridge, which can accommodate wine and soda cans. This is an excellent choice, if you wish to multi-task.

When choosing the best under counter wine refrigerator, you will want to make sure to examine your own circumstances

How much wine do you drink on a weekly basis? How many bottles of wine do your normally have on hand? These factors are pertinent, because the biggest differential between the available wine coolers is their capacity. The average capacity can range from 6 bottles to over 100 bottles.

The styles can also differ significantly. Although the majority will resemble a refrigerator, there are some that will actually beautify your home. These are referred to as wine credenzas and you will definitely want to add them to your list of possibilities.By taking the time to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive reviews, you will be able to make a better decision for your home, family and your money!



Under counter kegerator

A lot of alcohol lovers enjoy wine, but others will prefer something a little more potent. If you’re a fan of beer, you understand the convenience and cost effectiveness of purchasing a keg. Of course, there is one problem associated with the keg. It is incredibly hard to keep cool, unless you have an empty fridge, which most individuals do not. Thankfully, there is one suitable alternative, the kegerator.

When purchasing under counter kegerator, you will need to consider all of your options. If you want the most compact kegerator possible, you should check out the under cabinet kegerator. These are incredibly small and can easily sit on your countertop. The best aspect of all is that they’re also very inexpensive, when compared to the alternatives.

If you’re a more avid beer drinker, you may wish to up the ante with an under the counter kegerator. Although the item will be a little more costly and slightly bigger, it is better suited for outdoor use. When choosing one of these appliances, you will want to consider how many taps you need. Do you want a single tap, double or triple tap? Although each option is acceptable, only one will suit your preferences to perfection.

Be sure to know precisely how and how often you will be using the item, before exploring your options. Once you’ve put together a list of preferences and desires, you will want to check out the comprehensive reviews. They’ll guide you in the right direction and guarantee you make the right choice for your money.




Under counter oven

Just because you are forced to reside in a confined living space does not mean that you should not be able to enjoy your favorite pastime, baking. An under counter oven is exactly what you need to have installed in your kitchen area, since it will fit underneath any cabinet.

You will find under counter oven in a variety of sizes, so there should be no issues, when it comes to sizing needs. Several configuration options that you will have to select from are horizontal and vertical. This will be perfect for those that are looking to stack an undercounter microwave on top of the oven.

It is important to note that just because you are choosing the undercounter style does not mean that you should compromise on the cooking quality. The broil element should be around 1750 watts, which will offer faster cooking times. The temperature range should be around 100-450 degrees Fahrenheit, as well. A top rated under the counter oven will offer the same conveniences, as the traditional oven.

It is important to note whether or not the oven is integrated with the self-clean technology. You would be surprised with how tedious and time consuming it can truly be to clean an oven. The self-clean cycle will offer an abundance of convenience and should only require around 1-2 hours.

An under counter ovens maximum capacity will vary around 2.2-4.6 cubic feet. There are so many options that will be opened to you, so do not settle for just any brand. Take the time to do your research and continue to search until you find the perfect undercounter oven that will suit your needs and preferences.




Under counter microwave oven

A microwave can definitely offer unlimited convenience and benefits. In order to keep your kitchen neat and tidy, you should definitely consider the undercounter-styled microwave. While you will find several different sizes to select from, it is important to consider what types of food you will be cooking. For frozen foods, you may not need a compact interior capacity, but for turkeys and hams, you will need more. The maximum interior capacity will vary around 0.7-1.5 cubic feet.

The under counter microwave LCD display and touch control panel is very user friendly, so you will not need to pull out the instruction guide every time you use it. Some of these microwaves will offer a variety of functions for heating up specific types of solids and liquids.

The defrost feature will definitely come in handy for thawing meats, poultry, and seafood. There is no end to the benefits of the best under the counter microwave, which is why you need to have one installed in your kitchen.

The net weight will also be a factor that you will need to consider, since it will be attached to the wall or underneath the cabinet. A heavy microwave may need to be attached to both to ensure its stability, so keep this in mind, when you are shopping for an under the cabinet microwave.

The oven’s interior should be constructed out of heavy duty, durable material, which will not tarnish or corrode. A halogen light will come in handy, so you can see the food, while it is undergoing the cooking process. When you pull the door handle open, the light will also come on, so you can remove the contents safely.

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